Privacy Policy

  1. Your privacy is very important to us, we post this notice, with a detailed explanation of why we need the information you provide and how it will be used.

    Information we collect:

    This note applies to all information collected or presented on the website On our website you can order products, make inquiries and register. In this case, the following personal information about you will be required:

    Email address
    Contact number

     You can also specify information about other people (recipients). For example, if you order a bouquet and want to deliver it directly to the recipient, you will need to provide the recipient's address. In this case, the following personal information about your recipient will be required:

    Contact number

    How we use the information:

    The information you provide about yourself when placing an order is used by our company solely for the fulfillment of your order. We do not provide this information to unauthorized persons and use it only to fulfill your order within a specified time.

    With respect, the team