For women

Basket "Queen of Spring"


Description of the Basket: For a truly royal spring basket will give an unforgettable experience. Composition of the Basket: 101 Tulip, greens, decoration...

Basket "Coffee fantasy"


Description of the Basket: This composition will decorate any evening! Composition of the Basket: coffee Carte Noire, cream, croissant (2 packing), sweetmeats in chocolate (2 packing), cookies, candy in chocolate...

Basket "Delicate"


Description Basket: Beautiful gift for your most favorite people. very beautiful basket for any occasion. Composition: 50 irises, 50 spray roses, carnations, basket...

Basket "Delight sweet tooth"


Description Baskets: Very stylish and beautiful basket. True sweet tooth =) The composition of the basket:  box of chocolates "Merci", Nutella, 2 bars "Kinder Bueno", 3 small bars "Kinder Maxi", 4 bars "Kit-..

Basket "For You"


Description Basket: Exclusive basket for a favorite with live orchids and carnations. The composition of the basket: Orchids, raffaello, ferrero, basket, design, Vermouth Martini Bianco 15% 1000ml - A GIFT !!!..

Basket "Great admiration"


Description Basket: Basket is filled with sweets and flowers, which undoubtedly will give instant holiday! The composition of the basket: raffaello (large), candy, chocolate (tiles), 15 different color roses, wine Martini Asti 7.5% 750ml - FOR FRE..

Basket "Happy Birthday"


Description Basket: A great birthday gift for your loved ones. Ingredients: 51 white rose, basket..

Basket "Harmony"


Description Basket: Sweet moments of attention always delight your favorite! The composition of the basket: Eustoma, greens. basket, design, wine Martini Asti 7.5% 750ml - FOR FREE!  ..

Basket "Heart"


Description of the Basket: Amazing and elegant basket from a sea of roses. Composition of the Basket: 101 rose, 3 orchid, basket decoration...

Basket "Lady heart"


Description Baskets: Give love and unforgettable evening together his heart Dame! The composition of the basket: of grapes, raffaello, cream, chocolate, basket, decoration, 2 glasses + champagne (Artemovskoye 0.75l.) - A GIFT !!!..

Basket "Lady's story"


Description of the Basket: Love - a gift from the heavens! Give love to your woman! Composition of the Basket: Raffaello great., Roll "Roshen" (2), croissants "7 days" (2) cheese with mold. * Wine Gift..

Basket "Red and White"


Description of the basket: Basket with bright red and white gently roses beautiful combination, give all your warm feelings to someone so dear. Composition of the basket: 51 red and white roses, greenery, basket, decora..

Basket "Royal"


Description of the basket: Orhideyu- consider the flowers of youth, love and elegance. Appearance gerber like the sun. And rose as the queen of flowers. Give royally dazzling basket charming flowers of his beloved. Com..

Basket "Women's cuprice"


Description Basket: An amazing gift for your favorite! The composition of the basket:  grapes, olives, canned fruit, basket, decoration, Wine 0,75 9,5-13% (2 bot.) - A GIFT !!!..

Basket gerberas (25)


Description: Bright, beautiful basket with delicate lilies. Composition: gerbera 25 pcs. greenery. basket. decor...

Basket of flowers "Holiday"


Description of the basket: In the basket "Holiday" combination of gorgeous color spectrum. This basket will be an exquisite gift, you can give it all without exceptions- loved ones, friends, relatives and even authority. Com..

Basket of yellow roses


Description Basket: Elegant shopping for an anniversary, birthday and just a great gift. Basket: 101 yellow rose, greens, cart..

Basket with chrysanthemums "Beloved"


Description of the basket: a beautiful basket for any occasion your favorite. Ingredients: 10 white chrysanthemums, irises 11. greenery. basket..

Basket with flowers "Miss"


Description of the basket: Gentle flower basket with eustoma flowers, decorated with verdure. Composition: 10 white roses, 15 eustom, gypsophila, herbs. The basket may be different from the sample. greens can be replaced depending on the season...

Basket with flowers irises


Description: Bouquet of delicate and beautiful irises. Tenderness and feelings to your loved ones. Composition: irises (101sht.), Basket, decoration...

Basket with flowers tulips and irises


Description: Delicate spring basket. Give joy and spring your favorite!..

Basket with roses mix


Basket with roses Description of the basket: A beautiful basket of different roses is a very beautiful basket for any occasion. Composition: 20 roses, 19 bush roses, basket (rose color to choose)..

Basket of orchids


Basket with orchid flowers Description of the basket: Very beautiful and unusual basket that will stand for a very long time and please the eyes of a loved one. The composition of the basket: 25 orchids, basket, floral material, greens...

Basket with flowers "to the beloved"


Description of the Basket: Elegant basket of roses for your favorite! Composition of the Basket: 51 white roses, green, decoration...

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