Bouquet "101 Chrysanthemum"


Description of the bouquet: Huge snow-white bouquet for his beloved. The composition of the bouquet: 101 white chrysanthemum...

Bouquet "instantly"


Description of the bouquet: pure white bouquet for his beloved. The composition of the bouquet 9 white chrysanthemums...

Bouquet "Ruby placer"


Description of the bouquet: This bouquet of dark red chrysanthemums appreciate the romantic, sensual woman. Composition of the bouquet: Chrysanthemum bush- 17..

Bouquet "sunny meadow"


Description of the bouquet: Summer bouquet will bring solar nastroeniedazhe in the coldest weather. Composition of the bouquet: 101 Chrysanthemum mix. decoration...

Bouquet "Sweet Gift"


Description: Nice and sweet sign of attention! Ingredients: 3 branches of white camomile chrysanthemum, greens, design, box of chocolates "Raffaello"...

Bouquet "Ukraine"


Description of the bouquet: The symbolic significance of hrizantemy- loyalty and dignity, honor and majesty. Love Your Ukraine and glorify it! Composition of the bouquet: 11 stalks of yellow and blue chrysanthemums..

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